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What are your class sizes?
Our desire is to keep classes small enough so each student thrives with one on one interaction and hands on learning.

Do you offer a foreign language?
Yes. Currently, each student takes Spanish. In elementary, the Spanish program introduces the culture and the students learn color words, numbers, words to describe their clothing, foods, etc. High school students are required to take Spanish I and Spanish II.

In what grades do you offer music, art, physical education and a foreign language?
We offer these enrichment classes in all grades. One of the things that makes Gospel Light such a great value in our area is that we offer Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology classes to K-6. Students in grades 7-12 are able to choose art, music and journalism classes, among others, as electives.

How often do students have recess and do they have it on the days that they have P.E.?
Students in grades K-6 have recess every day. P.E. classes are designed to be teacher-directed with specific skills presented for mastery. Recess is designed to be a time of play where children can develop physically AND socially.

What are the general hours of operation?
The school is generally opened from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The school day begins at 8:00. The school day ends at 3:00. Students are to be picked up in the designated carpool areas between 3:00 and 3:25. We also offer after school care for families needing additional assistance until 6:00 p.m.

What is your dress code?
K-3-K-5 Boys wear long pants or shorts and shirts of any style
K–K-5 Girls may wear skirts, dresses, long pants, or culottes and shirts of any style
1st-6th Boys may wear long pants and shirts of any style
1st-6th Girls may wear skirts or dresses of modest length and shirts of any style
7th-12th Boys may wear long pants and shirts with a collar
7th-12th Girls may wear skirts or dresses to the bottom of the knee and shirts that have a sleeve