Purpose Statement

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Our goal is to provide a quality Christian education in a God-centered, Bible-based environment. All classroom learning experiences are designed to develop the students’ potential to the fullest.

Gospel Light Christian School provides a program that seeks to meet individual needs by using ability grouping and multi-level instruction to provide continuous progress for each child. Through continuity of instruction, the learning process avoids skipping or excessive repetition of basic skills. Efficient learning takes place as a student builds on skills he or she has mastered.

A major function of Gospel Light Christian School is to direct the students towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ — what the Bible calls being “born again” (John 3:3,7; I Peter 1:23) or being “saved” (Romans10:10-13).

A further desire is for each student to learn and demonstrate a loving respect for God and his fellow man (Matthew 22:38-40). Students are also urged to accept responsibility for their actions and to make sound decisions based on godly (biblical) principles. To this end, GLCS encourages a discipline of daily devotions (prayer and personal Bible study) that will lead to a joyful, productive Christian life.

The procedures in our handbook are designed to help meet the following goals of Gospel Light Christian School:

- Train its students to love and respect the Word of God.
Because the Bible is the foundation stone of truth, every student will participate in weekly Bible classes. The philosophy of life, as taught by the Word of God, will permeate all aspects of each student’s learning
and daily school activities.

- Instill into its students standards for living which are noble and pure.
These standards include respect for the rights and property of others, a love for our nation, obedience to the law, self-discipline, and the importance of the individual.

- Give its students the finest in academic training.
Qualified Christian teachers, up-to-date teaching methods, and high educational standards combine to ensure the growth of the student’s intellect.